Top 35 Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers

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Top Web Developer Interview Questions

Since web developer has become a multi-billion dollar market, it should be no surprise that it creates vast job opportunities worldwide. As mentioned above, this comes with a lot of competition, which makes interviewing a bit tougher. But don’t worry because this Top 45+ Web Develop Interview Questions blog is carefully curated by handpicking the questions most likely to be asked in an interview. Study them carefully and understand how to approach and answer the questions effectively.

1. What is the difference between SOAP and REST?

A Web Development ProtocolAn architectural platform
Works with XMLWorks with XML, HTML, and plain text
SOAP cannot use RESTREST can make use of SOAP

What is the use of namespace in web development?

A namespace is a simple global object with methods, properties, and other objects. It adds ease of use through modularity, allowing users to reuse code and avoid naming conflicts.

What are the newly introduced input types in HTML5?

HTML5 has undergone severalseveral improvements over the years, and adding input types has made it much easier to work with. Some of the input types are as follows:

  • the colour
  • History
  • datetime-local
  • E-mail
  • month
  • Limit of no

What are the five elements that support media content in HTML5?

HTML5 has five main elements that support media:

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What is SVG, and why is it used?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is used to display vector-based graphics on the web. The graphical content it can render is based on the XML format. With SVG, the visual content is of high quality, thus allowing the user to generate high-quality images.

What is the use of Canvas in HTML?

Canvas was added to HTML5 to allow users to create graphics on the go using JavaScript.

After this top web developer interview questions and answers, let’s understand the difference between Canvas and SVG.

7. What is the difference between Canvas and SVG?

Resolution dependantResolution independent
Does not support event handlersSupports event handlers
Works well for small-scale rendering applicationsPerforms better for large-scale rendering applications
Canvas and SVG

How can page load time be reduced?

Many factors affect a website’s page load time. However, some methods can be applied to reduce it considerably. They are given below:

  • Image size reduction
  • Removing unnecessary widgets
  • HTTP compression
  • Search reduction
  • Minimal redirection and caching

What is the use of CORS?

CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. It is a mechanism that allows requesting different resources from a domain outside the domain of the current request.

The following web application interview question contains an important distinction. Check it out below.

What is the difference between localStorage and sessionStorage objects?

No expiry is there for stored dataThe object is valid for only a single session
Data is not deleted upon the closure of the windowThe object is immediately deleted upon closing the window

What are some of the new features introduced in CSS3?

CSS3 has brought many changes, making the framework more user-friendly and powerful. Some of the features that were added and are now very popular are:

  • Round Edge
  • movement
  • Custom settings
  • Questions from the media
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What is Responsive Web Design (RWD) in HTML and CSS?

Responsive web design is a concept used to create web pages that can scale to multiple resolutions without losing information or tearing the screen.

It automatically adjusts the web page’s structure based on the device on which it is viewed to provide the best viewing experience.

What are some types of CSS that are used?

There are three main types of CSS:

Inline CSS: Supports adding CSS inline alongside HTML elements.
External CSS: Imported an external CSS file into the HTML document.
Embedded CSS: Used to embed CSS styles using the:

What is the use of selector in CSS?

Inline elements use a CSS selector with a rule, which requires styling. With the help of selectors, it is easy to find and select HTML elements based on factors such as name, ID, attribute, etc.

Also, see the blog on CSS selectors in Selenium.

Can you give an example of using an ID selector in CSS?

The ID selector is used in CSS to point to the target element.

What is the use of grouping in CSS3?

Grouping is used in CSS3 to allow users to reuse and apply the same CSS style element to multiple HTML entities, using only a single declaration statement.

A simple example of grouping is shown below.


grouped g, ul { padding-top: 20px; Margin: 1; }

What is the use of class selector in CSS?

Class selectors in CSS begin with “”. (period) key followed by the class name. It is used to select a statement in the corresponding part of the HTML tag and change the style of that element.

What is the use of webkit in CSS3?

WebKit is a rendering engine used to render HTML and CSS elements in CSS3 on various web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and earlier versions of Opera. It provides the necessary functionality to serve web content and ensure consistency across platforms. It’s important to note that WebKit is one of several browser engines, including Gecko (used by Mozilla Firefox), Presto (used by older versions of Opera), and EdgeHTML (used by Microsoft Edge before switching to Chromium).

What is meant by front end development?

Front-end development refers to the visuals you see on web pages, where end users can interact with some of the web elements. The front end primarily uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create interactive web pages.

How does a CDN increase website performance?

A content delivery network, also known as a CDN, is used to increase the performance of websites. It hosts website resources on multiple servers and allows the user to download data from nearby available servers

Define backend in web development.

Operations such as user authentication, database communication, and server-side logic are referred to as the back end of a website. We can use NodeJS and ExpressJS together to implement the backend.

What is the purpose of Doctype in HTML?

The purpose of the Doctype declaration in HTML is to tell the browser in which version of HTML the code is written. It also ensures that the page is displayed correctly in the browser.

Explain the use of Semantic HTML.

HTML tags clearly define the meaning of the tag to both the user as well as the browser.

Examples of non-semantic elements:

and – say nothing about its content.
Examples of semantic elements: , , and – clearly define its content.

What are the uses of child selectors in CSS?

Child selectors in CSS are powerful tools for targeting specific elements that are direct children of another element. They are denoted by the “greater than” symbol (>) and allow developers to apply styles or perform actions exclusively on immediate child elements.

Child selectors are useful for creating finer and granular styles, controlling the appearance of specific child elements within a parent container, and achieving more precise CSS targeting.

How CSS3 helps to easily implement round borders?

CSS3 has a property that allows elements to be created with nice-looking rounded corners. It can be easily applied on all four sides or as per requirement.

What is pagination? How can pagination be implemented?

Pagination is the simple arrangement of pages on a website. These pages are linked to each other and have similar content to display to users.

A simple example is a page selector on an e-commerce site that allows users to browse products on multiple pages instead of scrolling up and down a single page.

What are the components of the CSS box model?

The CSS box model represents an entity that encloses all HTML content in a box or button element.

There are four components:

  • Border: Displays the padding and content around the border.
  • Content refers to the actual content displayed.
  • Margin: Refers to the top layer of the box element.
  • Padding: Specifies the space around the component.

What are some of the transition features in CSS3?

CSS3 transitions are easy to use and provide users with fast and effective animation effects.

The four main characteristics of transitions are:

  • Transfer delay
  • Transition period
  • Transferred property
  • Transition timing function

What is the use of pseudo-classes in CSS?

Pseudo-classes are a popular technique used in CSS to change the style of an element when the element changes its state.

There are several examples of when you use a pseudo-class:

  • To change the style when the mouse moves over the element.
  • For out-of-focus animations
  • To provide styles for external links
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What is the use of media queries in CSS3?

Media queries are used to define styles in CSS, which are responsive based on different shapes and sizes of the viewing window.

They are used to accommodate the following entities:

  • Height
  • width
  • Viewport
  • Resolution
  • familiarity
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Why float is used in CSS?

Float is a popular property in CSS to control the layout and position of an element on a web page.

Any element can be placed on the web page as required. Consider the following example:

div { float: right; }
Here, the content of the div will be placed on the right side of the screen.

What is z-index in CSS?

Z-index is a property in CSS used to define the order of elements on a web page. It works based on the order index, where a higher-order element will appear before a lower-order element.

It only applies to elements in position, i.e., elements with a position attribute.

Why are external style sheets preferred?

Exterior style sheets offer a lot of benefits to developers. Some of the benefits are as follows.

Classes can be reused many times.
They allow style control of multiple documents through a single file.
Selectors and grouping can be used for easy styling.

What does long polling mean in web development?

Long polling is a development pattern that simulates a data push operation from a server to a client machine.

When long polling runs, the client sends a request to the server, and the data is forwarded. A connection will timeout only after sending data to the client or meeting the timeout criteria.

What are some web development technologies that you know?

This question is ubiquitous in web development interviews. The answer depends on your learning, experience, and expertise in the field.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • The Python
  • PHP

36. What is the difference between cookies and local storage?

CookiesLocal Storage
Cookie data is accessible for both the client and the serverData is stored only on the local browser on the client-side machine
Cookies have an expiration time, and data gets deleted post expirationThere is no expiration in local storage unless the data is manually deleted

37. What is the difference between XHTML and HTML?

Tags should be in lowercaseIt is not case sensitive
Tags should be closed once openedOpen-ended tags can be used
Attributes must be enclosed in double quotesAttributes can be used without quotation marks

What are the different data types in JavaScript?

JavaScript supports the following data types:

  • Boolean
  • No
  • thing
  • Unspecified
  • empty
  • the wire
  • Function
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What is RESTful API design?

RESTful APIs are web services that send data as HTTP requests between a client and a server. The server is not able to remember them because requests are stateless. This makes RESTful APIs adaptable and flexible.

Explain the concept of

State means to store information about the user as they use the site. This could be things like the items in their shopping cart or their login status. The state allows the website to be activated. This enables personalized experiences, such as showing someone their account settings page after they log in. Without using state, web pages would just be static documents that are the same for every visitor. The state makes the web feel like an interactive application.

What is a web application framework?

A web framework, a WAF, is a prebuilt set of libraries that help developers build websites. It contains codes that are common to different websites, such as authentication. It provides the code for the comma part and allows the developer to focus on the unique part of the website.

What are WebSockets used for?

With WebSockets, you can enable real-time, event-driven communication between clients and servers. WebSockets allow two-way communication, meaning the client and server can send data to each other anytime.

How do CSS preprocessors improve CSS coding?

CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS extend regular CSS with additional features. They include variables for reusable values, nesting for organizing code, and functions for complex operations. These improvements make writing CSS more efficient, reusable, and maintainable. Preprocessor CSS is compiled into normal CSS that browsers understand.

How can styles or classes be changed in elements using JavaScript?

JavaScript can easily change the classes and styles in an element by using the following syntax.

1.Edit styles: document.getElementById(“input”).style.font size = “10”;
2.Edit the class: document.getElementById(“button”).className = “Class Nam
On this top web development interview questions and answers blog, let us look at the advanced set of questions.

What is the difference between and window.onload and onDocumentReady?

The event is not called until the page is fully loaded with complete styling from CSS and images. The event has a slight delay when rendering the web page. With the event, it will simply wait until the DOM is initialized and start processing the event. This ensures to minimize any delay in operations.

Web Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Role: Senior React + Redux Developer


Work with others, such as designers and people who write code behind the scenes, to build excellent software.
Help new developers and teach them how to do things better.
Learn about new technologies and use them to improve our software.
Check each other’s code to ensure it’s good and follows the rules.
Fix any issues so websites can run smoothly
Skill is required.

  • Must be good at using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with best practices.
  • Learn best practices for using React with Redux.
  • Must work step-by-step and be good with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • Must be familiar with the latest tools introduced in the field of development.
  • Very good at solving complex problems and paying close attention to small things


We hope these web developer interview questions will help you prepare for your interviews. Good luck in your endeavors!

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